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You're Not You


YOU'RE NOT YOU tells the story of Kate (Hilary Swank), an accomplished woman in her 30s whose perfectly-ordered life is suddenly upended when she is diagnosed with the devastating and incurable disease ALS. Kate and her husband Evan (Josh Duhamel) must find a full time caregiver to help, and so they meet college student Bec (Emmy Rossum), who has impulsively answered their ad despite her complete lack of experience. Bec is chaos in motion--unable to commit to school, her relationships or her plans for the future. But Kate sees something special in Bec and hires her. Gradually, Kate inspires Bec not to throw her life away, while Bec helps Kate--literally and figuratively--to find her voice and finally live her life to the fullest - the way Kate truly wants. With equal measures of tears and laughter, "You're Not You" explores how these strangers - brought together by the most challenging circumstances - are able to unlock the best in each other.

***New Zealand Theatrical Release Only***
***Available in Australia via Special Booking***

Movie Details

Thursday, 4 December 2014
George C. Wolfe
Michelle Wildgen, Jordan Roberts, Shana Feste
Hilary Swank, Josh Duhamel, Emmy Rossum, Jason Ritter, Marcia Gay Harden, Julian McMahon, Frances Fisher, Ali Larter, Stephanie Beatriz

You're Not You Trailer