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Fatal Honeymoon

A father’s quest for justice. A detective on a mission. A mystery that captivated a nation.

Alabama couple Gabe Watson (Billy Miller) and his new bride, 26 year-old Tina Watson (Amber Clayton) go on their dream honeymoon to scuba dive near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, where Tina drowns in what appears at first to be a freak accident.

With authorities puzzled over Gabe’s inconsistent actions and statements, her father Tommy Thomas (Harvey Keitel) begins to suspect Gabe may have murdered his daughter.Spanning the events leading up to her mysterious death at sea, the subsequent police investigation and courtroom manoeuvres, Fatal Honeymoon tells the shocking and controversial true story that left many questions unanswered and became an enduring mystery for an entire nation.

RELEASE DATE: 03-09-2014

GENRE: Drama

DIRECTOR: Nadia Tass

WRITERS: Mac Gudgeon, Teena Booth

CAST: Billy Miller, Amber Clayton, Gary Sweet |