The Secret Kingdom

Following a tragic event, Peter, an anxious twelve-year-old, relocates with his family faraway to a stately old house – one that was once-grand, but is now cracking at the seams. Upon their arrival, Peter’s younger sister, Verity, beckons him to explore the area, where they discover a nearby antique store run by a peculiar shopkeeper… and inside, a mysterious artefact.

That night, Peter is awakened by an unsettling sound. The cracks in the floor of his old bedroom begin to tear apart, causing he and Verity to plummet deep underground… where they find themselves stranded in a mysterious subterranean world known as The Below. Here, they are captured by a troupe of armoured Pangolins and whisked off to an audience with their wise old leader, Elwyn.

When Elwyn discovers that Peter is in possession of one of their missing artefacts, he declares Peter to be the prophesised ruler of The Below. Peter and Verity are instructed that they must locate the four remaining artefacts scattered throughout The Below, and use them to fix the Great Clock of the Citadel in order to restart time and vanquish an ancient evil that has enveloped their world.
As Peter and Verity’s journey begins, they encounter fantastic creatures and distant lands beyond their wildest imaginations, but soon discover that not everything is at it seems…

YEAR: 2023

GENRE: Family / Adventure

DIRECTOR: Matt Drummond

WRITER: Matt Drummond

PRODUCERS: Matt Drummond, Megan Drummond

CAST: Sam Everingham, Alyla Browne, Darius Williams, Alice Parkinson

CLASSIFICATION: PG – Mild Fantasy Themes