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Chloe and Theo

Nothing was the same, after they met. A young woman, Chloe (Dakota Johnson), living by her wits on the streets of New York City, has a chance meeting with a wise Inuit Eskimo, Theo (Theo Ikummaq), who was sent to New York by his elders to provide a message to the people of the world–We either change our destructive ways or be destroyed by them. Chloe, who has been searching for something to believe in, becomes inspired by Theo and, with the help of a kind lawyer, Monica (Mira Sorvino), the three of them present Theo’s story to the United Nations in hopes of creating a better future for all of us.

YEAR: 2015

GENRE: Drama, Comedy

DIRECTOR: Ezna Sands

WRITER: Ezna Sands

PRODUCER: Theo Ikummaq, Dakota Johnson, Ashley Springer, André De Shields, Mira Sorvino

CAST: Dakota Johnson, Theo Ikummaq, Mira Sorvino, Ashley Springer

CLASSIFICATION: PG – Mild themes and violence

DURATION: 81 minutes

LANGUAGE: English / Inuktitut / Spanish