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Dare to be Wild

This is the true story of Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell), a feisty landscape designer whose goal is to share the beauty of wild nature with the world. With the odds stacked against her, Mary enters the prestigious (and conservative) Chelsea Flower Show to execute a competition garden using only wild plants. To achieve her goal, she must enlist handsome botanist, Christy Collard (Tom Hughes), working in Ethiopia and a rag tag group of hippies to help her.

From the iconic green hills of Ireland, to the vast, dry deserts of Africa and the bustle of London pageantry, this spirited Irish drama takes you on a sweeping romantic and environmental adventure.

YEAR: 2017

GENRE: Drama, Romance, Biography

DIRECTOR: Vivienne DeCourcy

WRITER: Vivienne DeCourcy

PRODUCER: Sarah E. Johnson, Patricia Lambrecht, Rebecca O’Flanagan, Robert Walpole

CAST: Emma Greenwell, Tom Hughes, Alex MacQueen, Christine Marzano

CLASSIFICATION: PG – Mild coarse language, a sex scene, drug references and brief nudity

DURATION: 100 minutes