The Australian filmmaking duo Peter and Michael Spierig take on time travel in this stylish, intelligent thriller, starring Ethan Hawke, Noah Taylor and Sarah Snook. Predestination will open this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival.

Based on Robert A Heinlein’s All You Zombies, Predestination is the story of a temporal agent on the trail of a terrorist, in an intricate web of twists and secrets. Hawke gives a nuanced performance as the time-travelling agent, backed by an on-form Taylor as his enigmatic boss. Snook also dazzles with a revelatory and intimate turn, lending the film an uncommon emotional weight

Offering a distinctive blend of sci-fi, noir and crime fiction with a Bukowskian streak, Predestination investigates questions of destiny and identity with wit and insight.

The German-born directors, now based between Brisbane and LA, will be in attendance for the red carpet event at MIFF stating “We are thrilled to have our Australian Premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Having shot our film in Victoria, it’s exciting to play Predestination to a hometown crowd”.

Predestination will be released in cinemas Australia-wide August 28, 2014 thanks to Pinnacle Films.